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Where does the time go?

The SimplyWork Online Workforce Management Solution knows!  Demand Forecast Scheduling shows where your workforce time goes in the future, Timekeeping records with real-time accuracy, Attendance ensures the time is compliant and our Workforce App communicates all time.  


Straightforward Software

Uncomplicated Online Workforce Management Software Making Complicated Workforce Management Easy.   

Find out how the SimplyWork Touchless Time Clock can help your Workforce and Business

Workforce Scheduling for Today’s Environments

  • The right choice for healthcare, hospitality, retailers, manufacturing, first responders, fire departments and police departments.

  • Know where your workforce time goes utilizing demand data, increase productivity and reduce overtime with our predictive smart scheduling software.

  • Attestation authoring and delivery, predefine business rules and predictive (fair) scheduling laws keeping your business in constant compliance.

  • Real-Time Workforce App providing availability and leave, schedule viewing, shift swapping and messaging engaging your workforce like never before.  

Find out how SimplyWork Scheduling can help your Workforce and Business

Predictive Scheduling


Messaging and system triggered notifications with reports sent directly to your inbox when you need them.


Shifting things around a little with shift swapping providing your workforce and business alternatives when life happens.


Before schedules are created obtain when your Workforce would like to work with our Leave Management and Availability apps to use as templates for their future schedule.  


Integration to ERP, HCM, EHR and PMS solutions provide demand data such as  Acuity Levels, Rooms Booked, Sales and Door Swings to create an accurate guideline for forecasting future Schedules.

Saving Your Workforce Time and Attendance

At SimplyWork we diligently follow fair (predictive) scheduling laws, provide accurate payroll data and exchange valuable demand information that managers and workers need to do their scheduled work on time.   We save our customers from expensive overtime, fairness or fatigue problems and from employees not showing up at all.     

Find out how SimplyWork Time and Attendance can help your Workforce and Business


Workforce Time and Attendance

  • SimplyWork’s rules engine easily adapts to your specific organizations structured attendance rules.

  • Approving time is a breeze and can be done from anywhere.

  • Our robust compliance features and reporting tools will keep you up to date on your workforce.

  • Data Collection with our Workforce App  is easily set up on Time Clocks, Smart Phones, Tablets, Computers and if needed companies can use our Integrated Voice Response (TelePhony) system. 

  • When accessing our app employees can be asked specific attestation questions about their day such as did you take your lunch break or get hurt on the job.  

  • Employees can approve their own time before it is sent to their manager. 

  • System generated notifications are triggered by events such as approaching overtime, no-shows, arrived late, expired certifications and more.


Find out how the SimplyWork Facial Time Clock can hep your Workforce and Business

Cloud 9 Implementation 

SimplyWork together, that is how we get the job done and why your Workforce and Business will be on cloud 9 using our Workforce Management Solution.  SimplyWork has the tools built in to provide remote implementations seamlessly for Hotels, Assisted Living Communities, Clinics, Manufacturing Companies, Call Centers, Retail Stores, Grocery Stores or whatever type of business you have.  Integration to your existing Payroll, HCM or ERP software populates SimplyWork with much of your Workforce's information.  Setting up our app on data collection devices, enrolling employees and training is quick and painless.  

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