Are you thinking about moving your employees to a Workforce App on their SmartPhones?

Updated: Jun 23

What is the future of workforce data collection and distribution? The first logical answer would be a smart phone. But should we rely on the employees smartphone? What if they forget their phone or the battery is dead and will this lead to trying to cheat the system?

At SimplyWork we say “App all the Way!” Your smartphone has been touched by you and most likely nobody else maybe besides your immediate family. Right now you may be using outdated timeclocks or paper to collect employee time data, need to collect more data and need to do something more reliable and efficient. To disband all employee controversy keep a tablet, computer or time clock at different known locations using our facial biometric. This allows all those who do not have their phone or for whatever reason cannot use the app a place to do the same thing as everyone else. The SimplyWork App also uses geofencing for location based tracking and app availability.

There is no additional cost to use the SimplyWork App or for your employees to get set up and trained on the app. Therefore if you are just getting started with SimplyWork, already a SimplyWork customer or are a customer of another time and attendance company we can educate you on our Workforce App. Our app can be used for punching or can be used in conjunction with timeclocks as more of a communication device for messaging, absence management, timecard approvals and predictive scheduling.

You and your employees will be more engaged with the SimplyWork App. Your Workforce can see their time and approve it, see their PTO Balance and ask for leave, ask their manager a direct question, view their schedule and shift things around a little. Managers can build schedules, approve time, approve leave, see who is clocked in, reassign shifts and message employees. Workforce Apps should allow also for other business tools such as Attestation Authoring, delivery and retention and single-sign-on for access to other solutions.

We at SimplyWork have rebuilt the landscape for a Workforce app and it is available in any configuration that meets your compliance and engagement criteria.

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