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The WorkClock Time Clock supports fast, effortless and touchless clocking. In addition, any device with a browser and internet access can act as a clock with the SimplyWork App.

Touchless TimeClocks

Find out how the SimplyWork Touchless Time Clock can help your Workforce and Business

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How our Touchless Time Clock Works

Predictable Punching in SimplyWork follows the schedule of an employee and the sequence of their punches.  These automated punches will occur when the worker accesses the clock in one of the three touchless configurations listed.   

Touchless Configurations 


1. Proximity Cards are swiped past the proximity card reader located behind the face of the time clock identifying a specific user and automatically clocking them in using a predicted punch.  


2. Proximity Card with Facial Biometric adds an additional layer of security on the Proximity card.  The Proximity card will bring the clock to life while the facial biometric will identify the user and trigger the predicted punch.    


3. Presence Sensor with Facial Biometric automatically identifies that someone is present then takes a picture utilizing a facial biometric and capture of a predicted punch. 


Data Collection Devices - WorkClock


Card Reader

Facial Recognition

Finger Biometric

A Low Contact, Safe and Workplace Friendly Time Clock

Download WorkClock SpecSheet and Pricing

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Facial Recognition 

Identify workers with facial recognition utilizing the same familiar technology each of us already use every day with our phones.  A simple picture identifies workers without having to enter a badge or employee number.

Low-contact  biometric minimizes interaction with the clock, while allowing punching, transfers, viewing time and all other workforce functionality.  Interact with the capacitive touch-screen using finger, touch-sensitive glove or stylus. 

Workforce TimeClocks, Scheduling, Time a

Facial Recognition Workclock

Facial Biometric TimeClock
  • Low-contact Facial biometric with ID mode and workforce functionality

  • BIPA and Legislative compliance

  • Workforce Functionality

  • Expandable platform

BIPA and Use

Biometric Information Privacy is fully adhered to by presenting the employer’s policy message, along with collecting an eSign compliant consent by the worker to insure adherence to all local employment laws.

Ease of use, as workers are presented with a simple, secure and non-intrusive method for accessing the clock, punching in and utilizing the workforce management tools.

Find out how the SimplyWork Facial Biometric Time Clock can help your Workforce and Business

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Punch, Transfer, Collect

Customizable punch buttons allow you to personalize the clock experience to your environment.  Colors, captions and language are all controlled through configurations so your workforce has exactly what they need to get in, get out and get to work.

Transfers can be performed for departments, positions/jobcodes, projects and tasks, cost centers and other demographics.  Jobcode changes are restricted to only those which a worker can perform.

Restrictions can be enabled to prevent punching when outside of a known schedule, when returning from lunch or break too soon, or when a required certification is expired, ensuring compliance with local laws or certification requirements.  Interview questions (e.g. attestations) can be used to provide overrides when needed.

Real-time, changes are available at the clock, such as schedule updates, job assignments and current shift instructions.

Find out how SimplyWork Time and Attendance can help your Workforce and Business

Workforce Scheduling

Empower your workforce by enabling real-time schedule viewing and enforcement at the clock.  Control overtime, prevent unplanned punching, and allow real-time shift trading all in one fully immersive touch or voice activated environment.  

Local legislative rules help managers comply with predictive scheduling laws and mandated break and rest periods to ensure compliance and minimize penalty payments.

Availability and Off self-service 

options allow workers to communicate 

when they are able to work.

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Find out how SimplyWork Scheduling can help your Workforce and Business

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Interactive Timecard

Real-time calculations with time, pay and all monetary annotations, such as shift premium calculations, collected tips and other manager-added items are available in the Timecard view.  Employees can see worked hours, overtime and approved leave.

Meal and break rules ensure that any short breaks are tracked and corresponding legislative rules for penalty pay are applied.

Approving time and corrections at the clock builds an audit trail of employee attestations and ensures full visibility of pay data before submitting to payroll. 

Past periods and historical data are always available and can be reviewed at any time.



Device Configuration provides our customers complete control over the functions of the Universal App on all devices wherever they may be.

Middle-ware transfers data from our Universal App on any device into the system of record you are currently using.


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