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Workforce Time and Attendance

  • Automated Online Time and Attendance Software solution working together with SimplyWork Scheduling, WorkClock Time Clocks, Interactive Voice Solution and our Workforce App.

  • SimplyWork will save your business time by helping you control labor costs,  increase the communication and engagement with your workforce, decrease the chance of compliance risk and improve overall Workforce productivity .  


Report Writer

Points and Rewards

Accurate Payroll

Control Overtime


Rapid Approval

Find out how the SimplyWork Touchless Time Clock can help your Workforce and Business


SimplyWork controls punches from our app on any device working in conjunction with SimplyWork Schedules and GeoFencing which is tied to notifications, credentialing and the "Who's In Now" part of our app keeping real-time tabs on your Workforce.   Fixing flagged exceptions, messaging employees and approving time can be done immediately verses waiting until the last minute when mistakes are made.


SimplyWork saves your business from the unhappy world of broken compliance rules when it comes to Workforce Management accuracy.  Our Attestation feature allows you to author your own questions and deliver and store them with the punch.  Your workforce can also have the option to approve their time before it is sent to their manager.


The SimplyWork Payrules combined with our customers defined rules support superior accuracy in our payroll delivery.  Our fully automated timekeeping solution eliminates errors with real-time calculations to ensure compliance. 

Find out how SimplyWork Time and Attendance can help your Workforce and Business

Workforce TimeClocks, Scheduling, Time a

Your Rules and Your Way no matter if you are changing from paper timekeeping or from an antiquated on premise solution.  SimplyWork has an out-of-the-box online Workforce Management solution to manage your business your way while meeting your business compliance requirements.  

Ease of use as timekeeping managers are presented with a simple, secure and non-intrusive method for approving, managing and communicating with employees about their time.

Intelligent Timekeeping

Communication is fundamentally the most important aspect of workforce timekeeping.  SimplyWork provides managers and employees with two way messaging, conflict resolution options, timesheet approvals, system triggered notifications, reports and absence management.   

Real-time and Really intelligent when it comes to locking things down so nothing bad can happen.  Preventing things like "clopening" from happening when closing and opening or employees trying to clock in on days off or with expired credentials. 

Workforce TimeClocks, Scheduling, Time a

Different Job Codes/Locations/Pay Rates are easily managed with SimplyWork. Employees can work anywhere doing any job as long as it is in accordance with their credentials, local laws and compliant with our client's requirements.  

Delegating employees to different managers is a breeze with our delegation app.

GeoFencing is the mapping of employee punches or allowing access to punching with the SimplyWork App based on location.

System Triggered Notifications are set to alert managers and employees (if applicable) of exceptions, approaching overtime, failed to clock in and other criteria that is crucial to our customers business.  

Control of Timekeeping

The SimplyWork Data Import tool absorbs PTO accruals from your Payroll Solution and populates them for the employees in the Leave Applet of the SImplyWork Workforce App.   Employee profiles are also updated as often as our clients would like and automatically.  


Find out how SimplyWork Scheduling can help your Workforce and Business

Workforce TimeClocks, Scheduling, Time a

SimplyWork Attestations are interview questions designed around your organizational rules and structure and can be delivered when employees access the app. These questions may be “did you take you 30 minute lunch break” or “did you get hurt on the job today”.   

Empower your Timekeeping Managers with SimplyWork Attendance Manager providing them with all the tools to manage a workforce while minimizing penalty payments and overtime.

If it isn't easy is isn't SimplyWork Timekeeping and Attendance Management 

Remote Worforce

SimplyWork App Time and Attendance

Remote Managers need remote tools that will help them keep up with their remote workforce. SimplyWork provides the specific timekeeping tools remote managers need to get important things done based on their time schedule.


SimplyWork App Time and Attendance

Your Workforce will appreciate this view on their smartphone providing their daily punches with the ability to add in their time, fix exceptions and approve their time prior to it being sent to their managers. 


SimplyWork Universal App

The SimplyWork Universal App is made to function on SmartPhones, Tablets, Computers and on our Time Clocks. You control the functionality for every user on every device the app is on.


Remote Workforce


  • Easily manage and approve time

  • Approve leave based on schedule conflicts and overtime

  • Message employees about exceptions, leave, being late or whatever it is you as a manager need to know.

  • Receive notifications and monitor exceptions, overtime and no-shows immediately when they occur

  • Build new schedules and manage shifts


  • View time sheets and approve time/ sign timecard

  • Ask for leave with PTO balances available

  • Message manager and other employees if applicable

  • Clock in and out of different job codes/locations

  • Post availability for future schedules

  • View Schedules, drop shifts and apply for open shifts

  • Geofencing for punching or allowing app availability when mobile

Find out how the SimplyWork Facial Biometric Time clock can help your Workforce and Business

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